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Sutton Coldfield
Natural History Society

Data statement

The Society keeps information on its members as follows:

  • name and address – this is a basic requirement for membership: we will contact you if you have not paid your membership; you will also receive the programme and Four Seasons by post if we do not have your e-mail address
  • membership status by year – necessary for accounting purposes and to ensure that we only communicate with members
  • telephone number – optional; we will normally only communicate with you by telephone in cases of urgency, e.g. if a meeting is cancelled
  • e-mail address – optional; you can further specify whether you want to receive by e-mail reminders of meetings and a link to the Four Seasons newsletter

The Society also keeps the e-mail addresses of visitors who have registered to receive e-mail reminders of meetings.

Members and registered visitors can opt out of receiving e-mail communications at any time by e-mailing

The full information on members and registered visitors is kept by the Secretary as the Data Controller, appropriately secured. The Treasurer also keeps and uses, as a Data Processor, those parts of members' information that are relevant to the Society's accounts.

In addition, at every meeting, we take an attendance list for fire safety purposes. Paper copies of these lists are kept by the Secretary to determine numbers attending meetings, information which is reported to the Committee and the AGM.

None of members' or registered visitors' personal information is shared with anyone outside the Society, and inside the Society only with the Committee when strictly necessary for it to carry out its functions.